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Linkpulse provides publishers with the leverage they need to succeed with analytics and automation.

Our intuitive data processing lets you present your readers want they want and helps your team do their best work and deliver on your KPIs.

Some people call it big data or AI. We call it:

Telling the right story to every reader.

Linkpulse is a platform for:

Frontpage editor

Ever tried landing a jumbo
… with no instruments?

editors choice

Being a pilot, you depend on your instruments telling you your exact speed and altitude at any time. Not where you were one minute ago – or even 10 seconds.

As a frontpage editor, your responsibilities might be of a different character. However, without live data, you’re still flying blind. If you change a headline – how quickly can you see the effect? If your video section is lagging behind – do you know?

With Linkpulse analytics, you will feel the pulse of your readers, immediately seeing the effect of your actions. You will always know how the different sections perform against the set targets so you could act proactively before it becomes a problem.

Linkpulse makes your frontpage fly.

Instant data

Every analytics tool claims to have live data. But live is not live. The easy part is to get data into the database fast. But how quickly can you see the actual effect?

With seconds resolution, you can immediately see the effect of the changes you made. No one tells you how you perform faster than Linkpulse.

Automated frontpage

Spend your time on breaking news and the top of your frontpage. Let Linkpulse take care of the neglected part and automate the rest.

Based on your priorities and KPIs, Linkpulse will recommend stories in a way you actually understand so it still feels like your frontpage.

Position performance

Linkpulse collects data for every position. Use this to see how your different stories are performing compared to historical data. Find stories you should lift to fulfill their potential, and remove those which underperform.


Have you tried to hold a speech
… when a train is passing?

editors choice

A newsroom is constantly buzzing with people busy doing their job. How do you reach out in a way that gets noticed without being intrusive?

With Linkpulse, you can create tailor-made dashboards for every section or journalist, making the information digestible and useful.

Turn your strategies into clear goals and targets and make the whole company data-informed.

Alignment of objectives

Create a consistent way of measuring your key objectives throughout the organization. Linkpulse lets you create a different set of dashboards for all user groups, but all from one single source of truth.

With Linkpulse you can choose between more than 50 different KPIs. Or – you can create your own!

Meet your targets

Define targets for the whole site as well as the different sections. Use the management dashboard to keep track of all targets. At the same time, make sure every section see their own data in their dashboard.

Linkpulse makes it easy to see if you’re lagging behind and should take some actions to meet the specific target.

Always learning

Create a dashboard to review the last day, last week or last month. See how different sections or authors performed, or find out which story had the greatest impact on your quick exit. Are there any trends on what content drives conversions? Is there a correlation between quick exit and the article length?

We recommend to chose a few KPIs to keep track of and see how you develop over time. You will be surprised by how many ways people find to improve if they know that you care!


If you can't measure it,
you can't improve it.

editors choice

We all need feedback. That’s how we adjust and keep learning. But it’s difficult when everyone is shouting out different messages at the same time. Who should you listen to? What’s important?

A journalist dashboard in Linkpulse makes it easy for the journalist to get an overview of every article. This dashboard needs to be live so you can make changes immediately to articles which underperform. But it also needs to have historical data so you can see how you measure compared to the average of the section or the newspaper as a whole.

Short and sweet

Have you ever been confused by lots of data coming from different sources? What defines the success of an article? Is it the view time, page views, scroll depth, quick exits, or maybe a combination of all of the above?

Relative performance

See how you’re holding up against the average. It’s not possible to learn anything from seeing your article has a median view time of 1:12. But knowing it performed 32% better than the site average makes you happy!

Stay focused

Dashboards for journalists should not be intrusive. One quick look and you should know the status. Keep it simple and work with just a few KPIs at the time. Remember that writing is always the main task.


Ever tried judging a fish
… by its ability to climb a tree?

Illustration of subscription

Treating everyone equal is not the same as treating everyone fair. The same goes for your readers.

Linkpulse knows which content your logged in and not logged in readers are consuming, and we can attribute every conversion to a story.

Use this information to recommend the right content to support the customer journey. Create your own user groups, or use our recommendations below.


The first time we see a user it makes no sense to bombard them with paid content. The result would actually be counterproductive and the opposite of want you want. At this stage it’s about building a relationship and earn their trust so they will come back for more. Then you can make your move.


If we see a user coming back several times, we will start showing more paid content. These users need to see that there is more quality content on this site if they are willing to pay. By exposing a user for this content over time, the propensity to subscribe will gradually increase.


This user has been exposed to paid content over time and has shown interest by clicking on stories without having access more than once. Maybe even they have clicked subscribe without finishing the process? This is when we start exposing the user to content with high conversion rates trying to win them over.

Fragile subscriber

When a user first subscribe, it’s crucial to keep them happy. Likewise, it’s important to spot existing users who no longer reads your paid content. Everybody knows that even just a slightly reduced churn rate would have a huge impact on your growth. At this point, we will significantly increase the amount of paid content so they see the value of their subscription.

Loyal subscriber

The loyal users are regular readers of your paid content and feel they get value from their subscription. They are your best ambassadors and your extended sales team.

We help you take care of these users by making sure they read at least one plus story every time they log in, and match the recommendations to their interests.


Ever tried making an omelette
… without eggs?

editors choice

Developers love playing with data. Linkpulse comes with an extensive API – actually Linkpulse is built on top of the very same API – giving you access to both live and historical numbers.

Let Linkpulse bring the eggs so you can focus on all the other ingredients that will make your omelette stand out from the rest.

This allows you to be creative and focus on producing more exciting stuff. While we handle the boring things like maintenance and scaling.

Your big data engine

In addition to the more than 50 KPIs in Linkpulse, you can also specify new data types and start logging KPIs like e.g. age and gender.

These KPIs will automatically be supported in all reports and dashboards in Linkpulse. And best of all – it comes with no limitations.

My Precious

The data is yours, and yours only. We will never share your data with any third party, and we never store any personal data.

Be playful

Play around and develop your own state of the art solutions. Use the API to feed your site plugins with real time information.

Create custom big screens, integrate with your own solutions, or let Alexa start the morning meeting with a summary of how your site is performing right now or yesterday.

Client testimonial

One who is

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"The extreme real-time feel put more control and sense of urgency into the fingers of our digital editors. Together with other best in class tools, it helps us push the culture and will to win with our newssites."

Christian Stavik

Digital Director in Berlingske Media, Copenhagen

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