Frequently asked questions

What's your data resolution?

Linkpulse is logging clicks every second and will instantly tell you the current speed of your front page or articles. We use a sliding window of 60 seconds, so when you change something, you will see the effect within seconds, and the full effect after 60 seconds. This method is faster and more responsive than measuring active visits or pageviews.

How many users can I have?

Unlimited. Really? Yes. We want every journalist to have access to and act on your valuable data.

How many different dashboards can I have?

Unlimited. Dashboards are only different views of your data. You can set up as many as you want so every section, department or journalist can have a custom built dashboard to suit their needs.

Cancellation and termination

We don't get many of these, but we only want happy customers. If you for any reason want to stop using Linkpulse, just remove the script from your site and drop us an email. You will never be billed again.

Does it work on my mobile platform and apps?

Use the same script on your mobile or tablet site, as on your web site. Monitor all of the traffic combined, or look at each platform separately. You can also use the script to measure your mobile apps.

What about historical data?

Use historical data to see how well you're doing right now. Compare it to yesterday, a week ago or the average of the last four weeks. We never delete your data, so you can go back as long as you want to check how you were doing back in the old days.

Can I reuse my data through feeds and API's?

It's easy to access data through both the API and the feeds. Generate related lists, most read articles or share stats with your partners. Linkpulse gives you html/rss/json/xml feeds to use on big screens or share with anyone you would like.

Do you offer support and training?

We have an extremely fast first response time on support. We only want happy customers, so we give as much training and support as needed to make sure you're all happy.