Privacy policy for Linkpulse

If you require any more information or have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us by email at At Linkpulse we consider the privacy of our visitors to be extremely important. This privacy policy document describes in detail the types of personal information is collected and recorded by Linkpulse and how we use it.

What is Linkpulse?

Linkpulse is an analytics tool, tailor made for high traffic news sites. Linkpulse helps newsites optimize and prioritize their pages and articles backed by live analytics data.

What is collected by Linkpulse?

Linkpulse collect all traffic metrics in realtime such as pageviews, clicks, time spent on pages, unique users.

What data is not collected by Linkpulse

IP address

Linkpulse could technically log the client remote IP address. However, this information is discarded on the log servers. The Linkpulse log servers are configured in such a way that no IP address is stored permanently.

Personal information

Personal information, that can identify a unique user, is never collected. When cookie tracking is enabled, Linkpulse is able to recognize a user uniquely. However, Linkpulse still cannot identify the user personally. Nor is any information stored together with the unique id, allowing any identification of the user at a later stage.

Browser type

Linkpulse does not collect the client’s browser type. However, the tracking script does use some logic to identify the browser type to maintain cross browser functionality. The Linkpulse log servers do not keep this information in the log files.

Cookie policy

Linkpulse uses cookie tracking when enabled in the tracking script. The cookie set is located at the domain of the page the script is included on (first party cookie). This cookie is only used to track unique users per week and day for the urls on the domain. No personal information is stored or collected with this cookie.

Does Linkpulse share collected data?

Linkpulse does not share any of the collected data to a 3rd party. The collected data is the property of the customer. Linkpulse has no control over how the customer chooses to utilize the collected data.